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Price List for Clothing Alterations

Pants Alterations

Shorten or Lengthen$20.00
Cuffs lined$30.00
Longer and face$25.00
Shorten with zipper$25.00 & up
Shorten with vents$25.00 & up
Shorten with vents (lined)$30.00 & up
Rehems plain$16.00
Rehems cuffs$21.00
Waist in or out$25.00
Waist & seat in or out$25.00
Waist, seat, and crotch /thighs in or out$45.00
Waist in or out (lined)$30.00
Waist & seat in or out (lined)$30.00
Waist, seat, & crotch / thighs (lined) in or out$55.00
Crotch in or out only$35.00
Line crotch$55.00
Repair crotch$50.00
Refinish hems plain bottoms$25.00
Refinish hems on cuffs$30.00
Waist in or out (dockers)$30.00
Waist & seat in or out (dockers)$30.00
Waist, seat, and crotch / thighs in or out (dockers)$55.00
Waist darts$16.00
Hips in$30.00
Hips in (lined)$35.00
Hips in with zipper$40.00
Hips in with zipper (lined)$45.00
Recut Pants$175.00 & up
Taper (lined)$50.00
Taper with cuffs$45.00
Taper with cuffs (lined)$55.00
New zipper$20.00
New zipper lined$25.00
New zipper (invisible)$25.00
New zipper (invisible lined)$30.00
Pants 1/2 pockets$35.00 & up
Pants whole pockets$50.00 & up
Shorts: shorten or lengthen$20.00
Shorts: cuffs$25.00

Sport Coat Alterations

Shorten or lengthen sleeves$45.00
Shorten sleeves (unlined)$35.00 & up
Sleeves longer & face$55.00
Sides in or out$55.00
Close vent$50.00 & up
Shorten back$60.00
Shorten collar$150.00
Shorten bottom$160.00 & up
Shoulder pads (each)$40.00
Elbow patches$80.00

Skirts Alterations

Shorten or lengthen$30.00 & up
Shorten (lined)$35.00 & up
Longer and face$35.00 & up
Waist in or out (one seam)$35.00 & up
Waist in or out (two seams)$45.00 & up
Waist in or out & sides into hem$55.00 & up
Waist in or out & sides into hem (lined)$65.00 & up
Pleated shorten or lengthen$30.00 & up
Skorts shorten or lengthen$30.00 & up

Dress Alterations

Shorten or lengthen$35.00 & up
Shorten (lined)$40.00 & up
Shorten (rolled hem)$40.00 each layer
Sides in or out$50.00 & up
New zipper$40.00 & up
Shorten straps$25.00 & up
Add bra cups$20.00 & up

Miscellaneous (zippers, buttons, patches)

Buttons$5.00 each
Button holes$20.00 each
Sew on patches$8.00 each & up
Sew on patches on lined shoulder$20.00 each & up
Sew on patches on sleeve (lined)$25.00 each & up
Sew on school letter$20.00 each & up
Sew patches on leather                                                      Double reg price
Sew on stripes on sleeves$50.00 & up
New Zipper in coats$60.00 & up
New sliders$15.00 & up
New snaps$12.00

Top Coat Alterations

Shorten or lengthen sleeves$55.00
Sleeves longer & face$65.00
Sides in or out$80.00 & up
Shorten bottom$75.00 & up
New pockets$40.00 each
New lining$200.00 & up

Pullovers and Sweaters Alterations

Shorten sleeves$20.00
Shorten sleeves (hand sewn)$26.00
Shorten bottom$25.00
Sides in$30.00

Shirts and Blouses Alterations

Shorten sleeves$35.00
Shorten bottom$35.00
Make into short sleeves$25.00
Sides in$40.00

Leather Alterations

Leather shorten or lengthen (pants)$40.00 & up
Leather waist in or out (pants)$55.00 & up
Leather waist in or out (lined) (pants)$60.00 & up
Leather taper (pants)$75.00 & up
Leather taper (lined) (pants)$90.00 & up
Leather new zipper (pants or skirt)$40.00 & up
Leather new zipper (lined) (pants or skirt)$50.00 & up
Leather new zipper (invisible) (pants or skirt)$50.00 & up
Leather new zipper (invisible lined) (pants or skirt)$55.00 & up
Leather shorten or lengthen (skirt)$50.00 & up
Leather shorten or lengthen (lined skirt)$60.00 & up
Leather waist in or out (one seam) (pants or skirt)$60.00 & up
Leather waist in or out (two seams) (pants or skirt)$85.00 & up
Buttons on leather$8.00 each
Leather shorten sleeves$75.00 & up
Leather new zippers$70.00 & up
Leather repair$30.00 & up
Leather & suede cleaning$65.00 & up
Fur cleaning$70.00 & up
Fur storage$55.00 & up
Fur storage & clean$100.00 & up

Wedding Gown Alterations

Wedding Gown clean only$130.00 & up
Wedding Gown clean & box$200.00 & up
Beaded gowns cleaned$55.00 & up
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Frank has been in the tailoring business for more than 18 years. He honed his tailoring skills at the Clarissa School of Fashion Design of Pittsburgh and apprenticed with Carmen the Tailor of Monroeville, where he worked for 8 years. Frank opened his own tailoring shop in Robinson Township in 2000. He has transitioned to a home-based business so that he can be a stay-at-home dad for Vincent and Linnea.

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